At Birch Lane Paws, we know canines. We have been caring for puppies for years, and have plenty of experience. We love romping with small pups and watching them develop, both physically and socially. We are committed raising healthy puppies that are prepared for welcoming homes. See our Health Guarantee.

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Becky is the best Cavapoo puppy. She has been a great addition to our family. Sweet and loving . Highly recommend getting a puppy from Birchlane Paws.


Lexi is 3 today we are so thankful we got her, she is a sweet smart girl and runs the house and neighborhood ❤️

Linda DiPietro

It’s been a little over 4 years since I got my girl Bijoux (formerly known as ‘Twinkle’) and she’s still my best friend. She’s so kind, and sweet, and cuddly and I can’t even picture what my life was before she came into it. I wish Birch Lane Paws also bred aussiedoodles, because I’m in the market for a new puppy and totally trust this breeder.

Perla G

Tomorrow will mark our first anniversary with this sweet girl! She has exceeded all expectations and is pure joy to the whole family.

Betsy Phillips

We couldn’t be happier with our experience at Birch Lane Paws! Wayne was so kind and helpful to allow our daughter time to chose a puppy in a beautiful setting! He is simply the sweetest Cavapoo and we re-named him Victor


I purchased my first puppy and the experience/customer service was beyond amazing! My new baby was shipped right to my front door. The delivery was smooth and fast, the driver kept me updated throughout the entire process. Birch Lane was very patient with me, he answered all my questions and late night calls/text. He walked me through the entire process and even after my pup was delivered I was still able to call with questions. My baby was delivered health and happy. Im beyond grateful for this amazing experience. I ran across Birch Lane on a puppies website and since they are in Ohio and Im in Georgia I was very nervous! Thank you so much Birch Lane Family you guys are amazing and I will be referring everyone I know. Love Kay & Benji!

Kay & Benji

We bought Hooper (now Tito) in December of 2020. I have never known a more sweet, cuddly, silly little dog. He is the light of mine and my entire family's life. My family knows that when there is a family event, Tito will be joining so he never misses an invite. He truly is my very best friend and I can't thank birchlanepaws enough for such a wonderful puppy

Stephanie Abu-Anbar

We just got our baby cockapoo early in the morning ☀️ He was transported to NY and he arrived happy & healthy! He is the cutest and most calm puppy we have ever encountered. Birch Lane Paws were extremely helpful in responding to any questions I had and ensuring that everything goes as planned. Couldn’t have asked for a better puppy!


We got our two girls from Birch Lane Paws. They are sisters and the sweetest girls. They love to play and give kisses. Birch Lane was so friendly and accommodating. You can tell they really love their puppies which was important to us. We highly recommend them and will definitely go back to them for future puppies.

Megan Lattimer

This is Bella (Rylee) our family picked her up in September 2nd dog I got from Wayne. She is a great addition to our family we love her so much she is a great dog and Onyx loves her also. Hope to get another puppy for my son soon.


Amazing breeder! I couldn’t say enough good things about the whole process of getting my boy. I would and already have recommended people to birch lane. So happy!!


I couldn't be happier with my pup. Gus was delivered to me at 5:30am which I was expecting him around this time. The guys delivering had kept in touch which made me feel comfortable. I have suffered from PTSD for the past year in a half, my rescue boy and I were attacked by a pit/German shepherd mix I lost him and was hospitalized for five days, came home with home health....we didn't deserve this especially losing my guy. Wayne was very helpful, and suggested my new boy, I have to admit he has brought me so much joy, It's been a hard very and sad journey, but I am very happy with my new addition.

Mateo/ Gus

Sally, now Lucy has been a blessing to me. She is so lovable! Took her to her vet appointment and she got a clean bill of health. She is just as calm and laid back as Wayne said she would be. My whole family and the neighborhood love her!

Joanna Dawson

Wonderful experience. Our puppy is a healthy and happy dog. I would highly recommend Birch Lane Paws!

Betsy Phillips

Wayne was amazing! We drove to pick up Nora, now Pearl (pictured on the left). Wayne gave us updates on her up to the point that she was really to go home with us. From start to finish, dealing with Wayne was easy. He answered all our questions, before and after we picked her up. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a French Bulldog. Everyone that sees her we are sure to tell them she came from Birchlane Paws. Pearl is perfect! We love her and she is a great addition to our family! Thank you!!!


Let's just state right away that the customer service was outstanding. Despite being in a jam that day, Wayne was able to help me and ensure that I could pick up my puppy. Leon, our pet, is incredible. He is going to receive both the respect and the love he demands! Once again, thank you for such a wonderful experience.


Great experience! This was an easy purchase. Wayne was great to work with. He answered all of our texts, emails and phone calls. He was and still is always available to answer any concerns and questions we have. We had great contact with Wayne and Birch Lane Paws. If I were to get another puppy, Birch Lane Paws is where I'd get it! Most of all, Ellie has been a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you, Wayne and Birch Lane Paws!!! We love her!

Renee' Kiljander

Hi Wayne. I just wanted to let you know that Yogi is doing great! His very laid back personality is still there but he definitely "blossomed" and has his high energy times of the day! He is such a sweet, loving little guy and is doing great with training. He took to his crate easily and only whined a little the first two nights (maybe for 10-15 minutes). He sleeps through the night and I have to wake him up in the morning. Housebreaking is going very easily (he rang his bell to go out yesterday) and he did so well with his first "Puppy Kindergarten" class today. He adores my grandchildren and all other people as well. Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy!


I can’t say enough good about Wayne & Birchlane paws! We searched for weeks to find a breeder and kept running into mills. Then we found Birchlane Paws! We got our sweet girl a week ago and couldn’t be happier. She’s a happy, healthy, loving puppy. Wayne ensured she was 100% ready to come home when it was time. When they noticed she wasn’t weaning as quickly as they’d hoped, they kept her another week to make sure she was ready. This showed us how much they care about the puppy’s and aren’t just in it for the money. Wayne kept in contact often with updates and even text after we got her home to check in on her. I highly recommend using Birchlane if you’re in the search for a dog! They have been wonderful. We will recommend them to everyone we know!


After running into a woman on an elevator in Nashville in 2019 and talking to her for 20 minutes about her perfect pooch, we began looking into dogs at Birchlane. Over the next 2 and a half years, we saw so many adorable pups and knew that when the time was right, we wanted to get our next furbaby from Wayne and the Birchlane family. Once we were ready, we let Wayne know exactly what we were looking for, and we patiently waited for our perfect girl. I’ll never forget the night my husband told me Wayne had emailed us letting us know that a puppy was available that matched what we were looking for. The moment we saw Lola’s photo (Winter as she was adorably named by Birchlane), we knew she was the one for us. Wayne made the whole process so seamless, and ever since the moment she arrived, she has been the perfect addition to our family. She arrived with the perfect routine for us to build on, and she is so smart and has been a joy to train and learns so quickly! Her sweet and spunky personality makes us fall more in love with her every day, and everyone that meets her is in awe of her beauty. She loves her big brother and has had so much fun socializing with other dogs over the last few months, and it is so clear that Birchlane helped to create this foundation from the start. We are so thankful that you brought her into our lives and we tell everyone that will listen that they HAVE to get their next puppy at Birchlane, we know we certainly will!

Jacqueline Smith

We got a Cockapoo from Birch Lane Paws. She is the most amazing puppy. Having not had dogs for many years, we were a bit rusty at having a puppy. Wayne was great. He was patient and understanding of questions and answered them quickly. We picked Violet up and our daughter loved her instantly. Violet’s disposition is sweet and training is going well. You can definitely tell that Wayne and his family love their pups and take great care of them. Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Birch Lane Paws.

Megan Williams

We are so pleased with the purchase of our newest family member. Bentley has adjusted well. He's very affectionate, playful and happy. He's a very healthy boy! We would highly recommend Birch Lane Paws!

Bentley (formerly Mason)

We got Cockapoo from Birchlanepaws. She is is the sweetest and the smartest. We are so happy we got her. Highly recommend Birchlanepaws, the owner is so kind and helpful

Alexandra Loy

Molly is still Molly, just loved that name for her. She looked like a Molly and she is doing great. The whole family couldn't be happier with her. She's the love ❤️ of our lives. She was content and quiet the entire long ride home back to WI. She's wild and crazy, very smart. Just a little smartie pants with a touch of stubborn. That's where our only problem comes in is getting her fully potty trained. Seems I can only send you pne picture this way. I'd love to send you a whole bunch of pics from her proud Momma. We just love that messy look. And a good thing we do because she won't sit still long enough for anyone to cut her hair. Lol

Al and Deb Wilson

We could not be happier with our cavapoo Rosie! She has the sweetest temperament and has been the best puppy we have ever had! We had great correspondence with the breeder and they were available for extra photos and FaceTime! We highly recommend this breeder!!

Amanda Feldmann

We are so happy with Birch Lane Paws!! We got “Sonny”, who is now ‘Mookie’, our cavapoo, 6 months ago and he is a little love!! We have three dogs, a malti-poo, shih- poo and Mookie! He is by far the sweetest, gentle, calm, family dog! He is also our little chunk with luscious, thick hair and big paws and the sweetest eyes!! He completes our family❤️


My fiancé and I recently bought “Jane” who is now named Willow from here. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Wayne was an absolute pleasure to work with. We are planning to add another furry friend sometime next year and we will definitely coming back here. Willow is the sweetest little ball of fluff. We couldn’t be happier with her. Vet checked out all good as well. Seems like the pups are well cared for which is super important. If you’re looking to purchase a pup here, you can’t go wrong.


We adopted our sweet boy Peanut from Birch Lane Paws and couldn’t be happier! From start to finish the process was easy and smooth-Wayne is wonderful! In addition, our little pup is healthy, strong, and as sweet as can be! We can tell that he was well cared for and socialized, giving him the best start to his young life we could have wanted. Thank you Birch Lane Paws!!!!


Zona (born as Kylie) is our families first puppy. She just turned one and is so kind, gentle and great spirited. I truly would call her the "best dog ever"!! She is pure bliss and do not know why we waited so long. The love and joy she has brought to us is priceless. Birch Lane Paws came recommended by a friend and had such a great experience. Wayne was amazing and have been spreading the word about the pups he raises! Thank you so much...and you never know when we will be calling you again :)

Karen Allen

We welcomed Winston (formerly Rusty) to our home last week. He has brought us so much joy! Winston is the happiest little man, and so affectionate. Wayne has been wonderful to work with, and we are very, very pleased to recommend his business. Thank you Wayne! Winston is loved and in his furever home.

So Happy!

We are so happy with our Cavapoo pup Avery! She is absolutely adorable and sweetest ever. We are so glad that we found Birch Lane Paws, best ever! Wayne was awesome through the entire process; very informative. Thanks Birch Lane Paws.

Renee and Casey Kirk

We bought two yorkiechon puppies in January. They were delivered directly to our home, during one of the coldest days in February. We couldn't be happier! Baker and Barbie, now renamed Jackson and Hailey are such sweet, funny, affectionate dogs! I can't thank you enough for these two awesome additions to our home!

Natalie Holman

If you are looking for a puppy, I highly recommend checking out Birch Lane Paws. Wayne is the nicest man to work with. He went above & beyond helping me pick out a puppy after I went through a bad experience with another breeder. We are so in love with our little Bichpoo puppy. She is the sweetest, most adorable puppy ever. You would have to know me, but I am a very picky person & buying online was hard for me, but Wayne answered all my questions & put me at ease. She’s a snuggler & loves to play. And, she was almost potty pad trained when I got her home. You can tell she was very socialized before coming to me. The delivery service he uses is very professional & you can tell they love puppies & what they’re doing. So, I highly recommend Wayne & his family if you’re looking for a puppy. He has the best, I promise.

Jan & Chris Adams

We got a beautiful brown and white puppy from Birch Lane and she is adorable. She had a great record of her vaccinations and was well cared for. She loves playing all the time. The process was very easy. This is a great family business. They have beautiful puppies, I would always recommend them.

The Popek Family

Our Sammy is such a love! Birch lane Paws was a delight to work with. Our Cavalier came to us happy, healthy, and well cared for. I will definitely choose them again!

The Kneeland Family

Our little Lexi has been with us 3 months and she is a Love. She was Scarlet at birch lane paws but renamed after we got her and no matter who she sees people or other dogs she is friendly and sweet. Thanks Wayne

Linda and Dan DiPietro

In November 2019 we adopted our first little guy from Birch Lane Paws and although his “dad” said we were not getting anymore…. :) here we are in our first week with another little guy from here. Tucker, formerly Baxter, has been the most special-sweetest-best dog we could have ever dreamed of which is why his “dad” insisted we get another so he would have a brother. We are so incredibly happy with our pups. They are so well raised and taken care of and are the sweetest gems once you get to meet them. I am so so glad that I found Birch Lane because they have completed our family. I have had many friends ask where our pups are from because they are SO CUTE and fluffy and I recommend Birch Lane Paws 10 out of 10 times!

Kaylea & Michael Mancano

Our son had a cat for 16 years and she was very loved by him and important to him, but we think she had liked his dad/my husband the most because she spent more time on his lap. It was very important to our 17 yr old son that his new pet choose him and be his best friend. Wayne and the family at Birch Lane Paws arranged for us to come and meet a selection of several puppies and spend time with them. It was an amazing experience. One of the puppies really interacted with our son and they chose each other pretty quickly. "Kali" who is now "Princess Buttercup" is now home with us and adjusting well! It took us some experimenting to get her to eat (wet food, wet/dry mix, then just dry food) but we finally figured out what she wanted and she's a happy pup. Wayne was very supportive, compassionate, and responsive to our emails. This was a big step for our son and he is elated with his new best friend.

The Casey Family

Sierra now called Sailor, was a gift for my daughter who will be 14 next week!!! Hannah has been very anxious and depressed for about 3 years. We have been in prayer and have spent $$$ on therapy for her. This dog is the best med ever. She sits and lays with Hannah. Hannah is in completer charge of her. Beyond impressed and beyond grateful to Wayne and his family. They have raised a beautiful pup, who is socialized and mellow. We could not be happier!!! Don’t hesitate to call them for Your next adoption. I was not paid or asked to do a review. This review is straight from my heart. If my husband wud let me, I wud adopt one of her brothers!

Pamela Hensel

Very sweet natured puppy.... we love her!


Got our puppy at Birch Lane. Easy pleasurable experience. I’d highly recommend if you’re interested in a puppy, check out Birch Lane.

Ron Klein

Birchlane Paws is amazing! They were quick to respond and their dogs are so well behaved. My new puppy of 9 weeks is the most loving pup ever. Wouldn’t go to anyone else for a Bernedoodle.

Wyatt Hollmann

I’m 2 years old today. We have enjoyed our Cheyenne so much. She’s so spoiled and we love her. I’m so happy we adopted from Birch Lane when she was just 12 weeks old. This little girl was so easy to train, very bright, lovable, I can’t say enough about the experience we have had these past two years with our Cheyenne. I highly recommend Birch Lane for happy, healthy puppies. Wayne is a great person to work with you, on adopting. Francie & Ken


I must say the drive well worth the wait. I am very happy with the outcome. Wayne was informative, and very helpful in the ease of purchase. A must visit!

Gunner AKA "Antonio"

Just want to say thank for our sweet baby. You guys helped me every step of the way and made me feel so comfortable with our purchase. We are absolutely in love with Beau aka Bossy and are so grateful we choose you him!!! Thank you again.

Reza Walker

This little guy is full of Awesome. He will grow up with my twin grandchildren. He is the fifth puppy I have purchased from Birch Lane paws, they never disappoint. We have a family full of puppies and I will return. Thanks again Wayne for you outstanding service.

Bonnie Foley

We couldn’t LOVE our Lilly Lee (formerly Tiffany) any more. We drove 6 hours one way to pick her up and would do it 1,000 times over. She is so smart, sweet, and in perfect health. Wayne was fantastic returning emails and texts, he sent us a video of our baby because we just couldn’t wait to get her, and worked with our wonky schedule on pick up. We highly recommend Birch Lane Paws!

Kurt & Danielle Wilkinson

I highly recommend Birch Lane Paws! Wayne was very helpful with all of our questions and concerns. Charlie (Dudley) is healthy, and is the center of attention wherever we go. I wouldn’t have wanted to get a puppy from anywhere else.


I would HIGHLY recommend birch lane paws! I had such a great and easy experience getting my dream pup! Wayne was very professional and helpful, I could certainly see that Ollie (Decker) was very well taken care of. He is super healthy and very smart! Making training a lot easier on me! I can not be more thankful, Ollie is everything I ever wanted and more! Thank you!!!!!


Birch Lane Paws gets 5 stars from this family they are very knowledgeable and had lots of information and care a lot about the puppies. This is Onyx AKA Barkley picked him up January 2021 wish I had a newer picture but he’s always on the run so it’s hard to get one he is the happiest dog I have ever owned and loves everyone. We love him so much ! Thank you Birch Lane Paws for Onyx ( Barkley) We love him so much!!!

Shawna Wegener

What a great experience we had with Birch Lane! Ricky Bobby ( formerly known as Jackson ) came to us yesterday and we are in love. Complete professionalism from Wayne and updates along the way! He answered all of our questions that we had! He returned calls, texts and emails promptly! Ricky came to us looking well kept and the transporter also kept us updated along the long ride from Ohio to CT. Ricky must have been socialized because he and my Doxie got along right away... I give Wayne and his Birch Lane Team 5 STARS! Thank you so much for allowing us to choose Ricky to be in our life!

Melissa and Clint

Dudley is a gem! Our hearts are full and our life busy with this adorable guy! He steals the show everywhere , as he has stolen our hearts. If you are looking for a great breeder and a healthy pup Birchlane Paws should be your choice. I did my homework and am not disappointed. Thanks Wayne for your help and love for what you do. Dudley will continue to keep you updated on his adventures! ❤️❤️

Dudley. (Formerly Jace)

I have now purchased a total of 4 puppies from Birch lane. They never disappoint. Birch lane will continue to be my go to puppy breeder. Thank you Wayne so much for offering such a wonderful service, that bring years of happiness to our family. I shall be back.

Bonnie Foley

What an amazing experience we had with Wayne! We adopted the handsome Hank yesterday and it was such a great experience! Hank is fitting into our crew so well and loving his Frenchton sister Oakley so much! We would absolutely recommend Birch Lane Paws and Wayne for your next puppy!

Mark and Brenda

Our experience with Birch Lane Paws was incredible! Wayne was extremely helpful with all of our questions as first time dog owners. I can't speak highly enough about the experience of getting our pup, Gus (formerly Omar) from Ohio to Texas! We used the puppy nanny, Darrell, who was incredibly kind and took good care of our Gus on this trip to his new home. Our Gus is a spunky little man with a whole lot of love and personality. We couldn't be happier!

Caroline Cherella

We got Berkshire (Jake) from Wayne in September of 2020. The transaction went very well and the pickup went as smooth as was promised. I would recommend this company.

Teresa Hawbaker

The BEST dog I could have asked for. Easy to train, well breed, no issues at all. I live in New York City and always have people asking me where I got him from and I always tell them Birch Lane Paws. I did a lot of extensive research before getting a puppy and I felt extremely comfortable with the quality of the breeding. They are great with communicating and sending me all the information I wanted to know before committing. I've had my dog for a year now, he's 15 months, and I honestly feel so blessed to have such a great dog in my life. Highly recommend.


We highly recommend Birch Lane Paws to find your dream pup! They were so kind and informative every step of the way. We love our Frenchie, Ollie (previously Arrow). He’s almost 6 months old now and has such a beautiful coat. Thank you so much!

M & T Murphy

My family and I would like to submit a highly recommended for this Breeder and his quality of King Charles Cavs. We purchased one through a third party in VA and were so impressed by the temperament and health of the animal, tracked the puppy back to this Breeder to reach out and provide positive feedback. Our puppy is well socialized, bonded with my Yorkipoo instantly, is a calm companion during couch time (with a chew toy handy of course), curious and brave in the yard playing with pine cones and attacking crickets, has been quick to pick up basic commands like sit and leash training, enjoys long car rides, And eats and drinks water like a pro. Most importantly our vet gave him a strong bill of health today with his heart and lungs And overall wellness and health. We should not ask for anything better. This quality dog came from a place of care and love. We will utilize this Breeder again in the future and look forward to many years with our current puppy.

H. Bride

I can’t speak highly enough of our experience with Birch Lane Paws. We used their “puppy nanny” to have her brought to us, from OH to OR. Bella (prev. Bonnie) arrived at the airport healthy and well-cared for. Wayne was wonderful, working to soothe my fears of getting scammed by ordering out of state. He was very quick to respond to my messages, and even sent a video showing our sweet girl and a note with our name to prove it all was real. Once she arrived a vet misdiagnosed her with a health issue, and Wayne was kind and concerned, keeping up with our every update until she was cleared of all health concerns and pronounced perfectly healthy. Clearly, they truly care about their dogs, their customers, and operating with integrity. Bella is so smart, she’s been great to train and eager to please, and the snuggliest sweetheart we could ask for ❤️ Thanks guys, you’ve made our family feel complete!

Higgins Family

What a wonderful experience we had with our purchase of our new puppy Britney! From the time of purchase to the delivery. Wayne guided us through the whole process and went above and beyond with all my questions .Would highly recommend Birch lane paws. You can tell the love and care that they give their puppies!

Gayle Calli

Hey guys, So this is my 100% authentic review. So I am from NYC and I've been looking for puppy for a while now and I came across parker the yorkie mix! Who was about 8 weeks old. I was highly skeptical on purchasing everything online and paperwork because it was my first time! However, Birch Lane paws took care of me very very well, they gave me a through breakdown on the puppy, they texted me the dietary , shampoo to use, etc etc. They gave me full update on the puppy each day and they were able to deliver the puppy from where they are to NYC to my house with a little costly fee but it was well worth it. As parker arrived, he arrived as the correct dog as shown in pictures, healthy, and came with vaccine records, authentication of ownership, paperwork of payment and a big bag of puppy food!. I highly reccomend Birch Lane Paws 1000%

Anthony Pargan

Wayne, I wanted to send a quick note about “Ellie” aka Ruby. She is such a wonderful puppy... Your family has done a great job with her. She is smart, sweet, loves other dogs and people. She is well behaved and doing very well with house training already. Thank you again for a great puppy. We are really enjoying her!!! Also, Wayne you were absolutely wonderful to work with very helpful through out this process!


Posie is the sweetest girl and so healthy! I highly reccomend Birch lane paws! Wayne was great to work with and everything was exactly how he said it would be! My puppy is already learning so fast and adapting so well. I am so happy i chose birch lane!!!

Kayla Wagner

Klay is absolutely perfect for us. I’ve never been a huge fan of dogs but Klay converted me to a dog lover. He is irresistible. We get compliments daily about his sweet and silly temperament and his beautiful markings. I have never been happier with a purchase in my life, and am so glad we trusted Birch Lane Paws. After answering all my questions and talking personally with references, all my reservations disappeared. I was extremely satisfied with their professionalism and quality of care. I recommend them to all of my friends, family, and strangers who ask.

Brooklyn B.

We picked up Leslie (now Rosie) just yesterday and she is already well adjusted and comfortable. It's clear Wayne spent time socializing her with other puppies and people because she is very curious and excited about getting to know us. The Birch Lane Paws website is laid out beautifully and makes this process very simple. Plus there's tons of great photos to look at. Wayne especially was great. He was always easy to reach by phone and email and gave me a lot of great information that made me confident for when it was time to get Rosie. He was really great on pick up day and even prepared a bag of things Rosie would need to adjust to her first couple days in her new home. It helped a ton! Thank you to all at Birch Lane Paws for making this such a wonderful experience getting Rosie! We are very grateful and already wondering if we should get her a friend! (:


We recently brought Balbi (formerly Dolly) into our lives and it was an absolute delight to work with Birch Lane Paws. The first time I got in contact with Wayne was all the way back in February looking for a Bichapoo puppy. When there wasn't one available at that time, I reached out to Wayne to keep me in mind next time a litter was born. Wayne was awesome and sent me an email as soon as he got word there would another litter. Birch Lane Paws provides a level of customer service you just can't find elsewhere. Additionally, were told by our vet that our girl Balbi was a healthy and happy girl. These puppies are taken care of with a high degree of care and love. We are so, so grateful and I cannot recommend Birch Lane Paws enough. THANK YOU!

Annie & Justin

Dixie (Kira) has been a part of our family for two months now and we LOVE her!!! We are so happy we went with a Cavapoo puppy. She is adorable and has a great personality. She has been a blessing to our family!! Birch Lane Paws was wonderful to work with and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a puppy!

BJ & Sandy Buckland

If you are looking for your dream pup, look no further! We could not recommend Birch Lane Paws enough. They exceeded our every expectation. During the process of adopting “Branson” now Hamilton, Wayne was very responsive to our emails and a pleasure to work with. Hamilton has been the most amazing pup. He is very social, sweet, and smart. The vet that we saw after adopting him commented on how well taken care of and social he was. He is now almost 8 months old and we are still so in love. Thank you for giving us our sweet fur baby!

Keren and Alex Podboy

I've had Lambeau (formerly Arnold) for five weeks now. He's absolutely adorable. He has all the markings of a Husky (and blue eyes) and loves other animals and people. He's a ball of energy, but I think I'm starting to get used to it :) I drove all the way from Wisconsin to get him because they had the best looking Pomskys. In addition, you can tell Birch Lane Paws really cares about the animals and operates in a very ethical way. Love my puppy and can't recommend them enough.


We are delighted with our new cavapoo from Birch Lane. Charli is a wonderful, loving, gentle puppy that our family fell in love with the first day she was home. Everyday Charli brings happiness and many cherished moments to our lives. We are blessed with this puppy! Working with Wayne was easy and pleasant. Charli's travel plans were arranged on our behalf, and went smooth without any issues. We highly recommend Birch Lane Paws for healthy beautiful puppies.

Lawrence & Aurora-Illinois

We love our Charlie Bear (Red)❤

Rick Curcuro

We highly recommend Birch Lane Paws! This was one of the easiest, smoothest, most efficient purchases. Wayne was so helpful and was extremely responsive. As soon as we purchased the dog, we received her right away. I cannot praise Birch Lane Paws enough. Our dog is healthy, and beautiful. We will be forever thankful to Birch Lane Paws.

Robyn Daily

Charlie (formerly Grant) has arrived to us safe and sound! I'm so happy we went with Birch Lane Paws. Wayne was very helpful and answered all my many many questions throughout the process. I felt confident that we were going with a family run business that was taking good care of their pups and when we got our puppy checked out by the vet he passed everything with flying colors. I also appreciate that they offer really great rates on the puppy nanny service (where a nanny can fly out with your pup, instead of them having to sit in cargo). Thank you for our fur baby Birch Lane Paws!

Ksenia D

I purchased Arthur a month ago and I couldn’t be more happy with the little guy. Everyone loves him and he loves right back! He’s sociable, smart, and so so lovable! Wayne was a pleasure to work with and you can tell he takes very good care of his puppies. If I were ever to get another it would definitely be from Birch Lane Paws! Thank you Wayne for this extraordinary puppy. He’s a gem and such a joy to my life !

Susan Ohman

Wayne and Birch lane paws is a wonderful, loving breeder and if anyone is looking for a Cavapoo, they are the place to go to. I researched several breeders and Wayne always got back to me, and sent me so many updated photo's as I waited to pick him up. Was even kind enough to hold onto him a little longer to make this Xmas the best one ever. Thanks Wayne, we just love this dog and can tell he was loved at home also. The Rich family.


We just received our new fur baby last night. “Gina” who we named Finley is the perfect new addition to our family. Wayne was a pleasure to work with and answered all my questions. Easy process from beginning to delivery! We will definitely recommend Wayne and Birch Lane Paws to all our friends and family.

Amy Harden

Recently purchased a bichonpoo puppy from Birch Lane Paws and it was a great success. The puppy is very intelligent, socialized, been raised in a home environment and probably the best adjusted all around puppy that I have purchased. The company has delivery service which can also not be praised highly enough. Dazzle had to be delivered from 314 miles away and arrived at 7:00 am as promised. It would have taken me 8 hours of driving time and a lot of hassle. The fee is very reasonable. In fact, it was so much less than the 8 hours time, gas and wear and tear on automobile. Dazzle weighs only 3 pounds something and he apparently held her most of the way. It was a pleasure doing business with Birch Lane Paws.

Ellen McGlynn

We adopted Cheyenne formerly Rita from Birch Lane Paws and I highly recommend them. Cheyenne is the most precious, healthy, happy puppy. She settled in her first night with just a little whimper, and goes to bed every night with out a fuss. She is so smart and learning so fast. Wayne was very responsive, and great to work with. He truly cares about his family pets and their litters. My vet was very pleased that we adopted a little puppy that was very well taken care of and healthy! When we picked her up she smelled so good, Everyone we meet just loves her. We are so thankful to have her as a new member to our family. She brings such joy.


Annie (formerly Melody) is a little dog with a big personality. We are so happy to welcome her to our family. She’s the sweetest little cavapoo ever. She loves everyone, especially our grandchildren. Our vet gives Burch Lane Paws 2 thumbs up for giving us a happy, healthy puppy. Wayne was there for us thru the entire process. Even giving us updates as she traveled to Louisiana. The process was simple and easy. All we had to do was open our hearts. Annie is a real joy to us. I would recommend Birch Lane Paws to anyone looking for a family pet.

Sherry Neal

I don't know how we got so lucky! Lemon (aka Jennie) is the cutest little thing we’ve ever laid eyes on. We can barely walk down the street without everyone falling in love with her. She's so sweet and smart and learning so fast. Wayne was great and responsive the whole time and I 100% recommend birch lane to anyone looking for a smart and happy pup.

Kym and Chad

We adopted "Axel" from Birch Lane Paws this week. We cannot be happier. Wayne was very responsive, courteous and eased our worries when Axel had several delays in his travel by plane due to weather. Axel is super sweet which I'm sure it's because he was getting a lot of love during his first weeks at Birch Lane. Our family is even looking to possibly get another one of Birch Lane's pups for their own. Highly recommend.

Sandra Palacio

We recently adopted a 7 month old Cavalier King Charles from Birch Lane Paws. We visited the dogs at the representatives home, which was clean and welcoming. The dogs were clean and we were free to interact with them. Upon deciding to purchase, the representative was flexible to allow us to delay pick up until after a vacation. When we took possession of the dog, he was clean and even came with a microchip implant. We had all of his paperwork and documentation, even a sample of his food. The dog took a couple of days to acclimate, but he seems in great health and is fitting into our family nicely. The purchase experience was very nicely coordinated.

Valeria Shumaker

I am so pleased with Birchlane Paws. "Luke" arrived to CA in great condition. It is obvious he was well cared for. Birchlane Paws held him for six weeks for me due to my schedule, with no extra cost. They were very accommodating and helped me along the way with my first puppy. Everyone who meets "Teddy" is in love, he has a great temperament and is SUPER smart. I couldn't be happier with my experience. Thank you for connecting me with the best puppy on the planet!!!

Allyson Fellars

Wayne was such a wonderful person to work with. Answer all our questions and concerns. Beautiful puppies well take care of. So glad we got two puppies they are such a joy and they keep each other company. It is so cool to see then cuddle together. Brotherly and sisterly love for sure. Thank you Wayne.

Kathy and Terry McLEmore

My family purchased flora(Luna)this week. Wayne was in constant communication with me. He the process easy & answered all my questions. Our puppy received an amazing health report from our vet. Thank you for our sweet & lovable French bulldog.


I got Rocky (now known as Bruce Wayne) this week, and I couldn't be happier! He is a beautiful puppy that has certainly been well cared for. Wayne was great throughout the entire process! I live across the country from them, but we were able to get everything taken care of and have this little guy with me in just a few days! Also, the Pet Nanny service is excellent! When I met her at the airport, she had my pup all cleaned up and ready to go with his documents and a bag of his current dog food. I can't recommend Birch Lane Paws enough!

Bam McEachern

Just purchased my second Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Birch Lane Paws, I am over the moon happy with the puppies and their service.

Bonnie Foley

We adopted a Bichon Poo for our first family pet. Our kids are so excited to have our puppy. We named him Cody. Wayne Kuhns from Birch Lane Paws was outstanding. He was very responsive to our texts and questions. In fact, my first call to Wayne was on a Monday afternoon and we had our puppy delivered to Illinois on Wednesday morning. Outstanding service! Everything was seamless. We have a beautiful, healthy puppy. Cody was a bit reserve for the first couple of days as Wayne predicted. Cody's energetic personality has shown up and our family is having a great time with him. Thanks Birch Lane Paws!

Maria and Mike Budzynski

Wayne, is an absolute joy to work with! He answered all of my questions, no matter what time of day it was. Of course the best part was when we finally got our sweet little girl! She's been a great joy to our family, and I HIGHLY recommend Wayne and his pups to anyone and everyone! We plan on getting another sometime in the future. Thank you so much!


I purchased a Cavapoo from Wayne and could not be happier! She is very healthy and full of personality. I highly recommend!


I cannot say enough positive things about Birch Lane Paws. Throughout the search for the next member of my little family I stumbled upon this website and fell in love with a little puppy Robert. Wayne was exceptional throughout the entire process and answered any and all questions that we had at all hours of the day. Our little pup is home with us and is adjusting well, his initial vet checkup went great and everything was as it should be. I would recommend Wayne and his puppies to anyone looking for a stress free experience in puppy searching!

Melanie & Nick

Picked Rickie up at the Orlando airport the 21st, took to our vet on the 22nd. He said that Rickie was in fine condition and was very impressed with his paperwork that you sent along. Our Vet said he would recommend you for anyone looking for a Cavalier. Truly a wonderful experience dealing with you it was a pleasure from start to finish. We did change his name to Tucker though.

Phillip Featherbay

We just purchased a King Charles Cavalier. We could not be more happy. He is perfect, he came smelling nice, very happy and healthy. Wayne was always available for questions or concerns I had about the puppies travel. I highly recommend them and will be back to purchase any future puppies.

Bonnie Foley